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Dumb And Deaf Polish And Pakistani Couple



Love stories are getting very common now days but a true love story with a happy ending are not that common.This story came to a happy ending when a polish girl fall in love with a Pakistani boy from Hyderabad.Both of them met on the internet and fall in love.Before they got married the parents of the girl came to Pakistan to meet with the boy and a family gathering gave it a final decision.The real interesting thing about this love story is that both of them were deaf and dumb.They can only express there emotions with the movements of there hands.The girl belonging to a christian family first accepted Islam and then marriage took place on accordance with the Muslim faith.Girl named her self 'Hiba'.There marriage ceremony took place in Hyderabad in a local marriage hall.girl was wearing Pakistani wedding dress and looking gorgeous.
Boy makes shoes for living and both were very happy on the wedding day.
when she was asked about Pakistan.she said i loved the country and people.


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  1. The use of Deaf and dumb is not appropriate when referring to Deaf people. I realize that dumb is in reference to people who may not speak in this case but most Deaf people have the capability to use their voices--maybe not to speak well, but they are not dumb (unable to use their voice). Of course the term "dumb" also carries the stereotype of a person who lacks intelligence and cognitive skills to make decisions wisely. This certain is not the case just because a person is Deaf--no more than it would be true of a person who from a cultural-linguistic group that speaks another language. So please make reference to Deaf people as "Deaf," not deaf and dumb!
    Thanks, Doc


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