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How to Keep Your Room Organised

Keeping your room organized We’ve all been there, spending hours trying to clean the room as w...

How Much Are Pakistani Cricketers Paid

Have you ever wondered how much are Pakistani cricketers get paid.? No We have gathered some infor...

How to Call In Pakistan

Country code for pakistan is 92 which is basically used to call in pakistan. So when calling in pakistan you must also know the city code o...

Match Fixing Schedule cricket world cup 2015

The match fixing schedule that has gone viral on Wotsapp has many flaws. It clearly says that paki...

Boys Response To Indian Advertisment

Youngsters have recently replied to the recent advertisement in a short video.Here is the video cl...

Advertisment By India For Defeating Pakistan In All World cup Matches

Advertisement by India for Defeating Pakistan... by zemtv

New Banking Scam Hits Pakistan

New banking scam has just hit pakistan and not only hundreds but thousands of Pakistanis are being ...

Haram Products In Pakistan

We have attached list of Haram products being sold in pakistan.Ministry of Science Pakistan has dec...


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