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Video Gangnam Style Forces YouTube To Increase Video View Limit

According to YouTube blog post Gangnam Style video has forced YouTube to increase its view counter ...

The Holy Quran To Be Read In Prince Charles Coronation

According to media sources,Critics attack proposal of bishop lord Harries and accused Church of Eng...

How To Block Stolen Mobile Phone In Pakistan

Mobile phone are very common now a days and according to PTA Pakistan has about more then 60 Millio...

Dracula Deer Spotted In Afghanistan After 66 Years

A wildlife conservation Team reported to have found the specie of deer not spotted in Afghanistan f...

Nokia Launching Set-top Box

Nokia Tweet this Monday on social media took social media by storm, saying " Guess What...

Drugs Led Hussain Khar To Prison

Hussain Khar Son of the Governor of Punjab Mustafa Khar with mother Ayesha Butt was arrested  by lo...

Mahnoor Wins Mathematics World Contest In Australia

Sargodha :-  Few years ago Arfa Karim, and Haris Manzoor made us proud by their achievement and now...

I Am Not Nawaz Sharif I Am Imran Khan

Most trending Pakistani video on social media,I am not Nawaz Sharif,i am Imran Khan


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