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New Banking Scam Hits Pakistan

New banking scam has just hit pakistan and not only hundreds but thousands of Pakistanis are being ...

Haram Products In Pakistan

We have attached list of Haram products being sold in pakistan.Ministry of Science Pakistan has dec...

Pakistani Wins One Caret Diamond

Pakistani Electrician by profession has won one Caret Diamond at a lucky draw in a shopping mall. ...

TCS Hazir

With every passing day competition between companies is increasing so companies are launching new w...

Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles

Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles The world of video gaming consoles has lo...

Pakistan Army Hotline

Pakistan Army has recently introduced Hotline in case of any terrorism emergency. If you are mid...

Video Gangnam Style Forces YouTube To Increase Video View Limit

According to YouTube blog post Gangnam Style video has forced YouTube to increase its view counter ...

The Holy Quran To Be Read In Prince Charles Coronation

According to media sources,Critics attack proposal of bishop lord Harries and accused Church of Eng...


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